Let go & trust

We have to trust that our souls know what they are doing when they steer us into one way or the other. They are connected to the big picture and know the higher plan. They guide us. We have to let go of our fear and trust. Trust that everything is correct. We need to listen to the impulses that we perceive deep within us, so that we can reach our goal, which is to become aware of our true self. This might be a challenge. Yet, everything has its purpose and its right to exist. Only when we have left the challenges behind can we see their meaning.

About Me

As far as I can remember I have been a dreamer, a story teller, an animal communicator and a psychic. I love rainy days, walking through nature in silence, I love children and animals, especially dogs and I love to create pictures, fairytales and explain things by using metaphors. Beside my artistic way that I make partly visible on this website, I also follow my spiritual path by helping others with my psychic access to other realms. I advise other people with the help of my knowledge and skills to recognize their potential and find solutions for their problems. One project that arose from this spiritual work are the oracle cards, which you can find here on the site. If you are interested in my spiritual work and/or like to book a session, feel free to visit and/or contact me at www.christephania.de