Give and you will be given
Are good values old-fashioned?

I honestly believe in the idea of “give to be given”. Even if you experience that you don’t get something back as soon as you are giving something, you might be willing to observe that you will be given or already have been given something from somebody else.

image of candle lam shadesA good deed can change a life

We all need others to go through life. Sometimes we need more, sometimes we need less. Sometimes it is a smile, some good words of a friend, an invitation for a coffee and sometimes when our world seems to collapse we need much more to survive.

We cannot survive all alone

Actually nobody can! No matter what – try to see it globally. Try to imagine that we are all like atoms in a bigger picture, exchanging electrons with each other to create, grow and survive ….

Be a light to somebody else right now

If you donate on maarta.com for one of the charity projects, then you are lightening the life of somebody who is seriously in need. Sharing is a social act that makes a big difference in a world in which a lot is based on commerce, productivity and profit. I appreciate everybody who is making a difference here and that’s why my contribution is addressing YOU! For your good deed, I will give you a symbolic light as my appreciation for you making a difference and being a light to others.

Become a part of the light chain!

As soon as your donation is valued by PayPal, you will be redirected to a download page, where you can download a printable pdf file of one of my art works related to the specific project you were donating for. It is prepared for common desktop laser printers to be printed on vellum paper. Just print it and follow the “Do it yourself – Instructions” to make it a beautiful candle light shade to lighten your own life. Alternatively you can bring the file to your copyshop and have it printed there.

Sharing is caring!

Feel free to share your prints with your friends and family to show them your appreciation by giving them a symbolic light. Or better tell them about maarta.com and inspire them to make a donation too. Please understand that my contribution to YOU is not made to make it a profitable business for others. All prints are for private use only. If you are taking in consideration to use one of my art works for your business, please get in touch with me so I can make you an offer for your needs and plans.

candle wraps with ornately decorated animal portraits


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