My favourite recommendation for a balanced life, inspired living, mentoring and concept making

Some time ago I have already made you pay attention to Marcel Dekker who has designed my website and wrote the poems to my drawings. Marcel is one of the most versatile and creative people I have ever met. I appreciate him as a friend, as a mentor and inspiration in my life. Therefore, I would like to talk a little about him today …

Beside his awesome lightweight way to create wonderful concepts and websites, and so many more talents and skills, one of his great works is the Mindconnexion tool. An amazing personality tool, based on the elements that he has developed over many years. The Mindconnexion tool where you intuitively select patterns combined with colors by priority, gives very good insights into your own current perspective about life and how you handle it. It gives you the possibility to recognize which patterns are active in you, where you compensate and where you are going in resistance. It gives you opportunities to see where and how to get to balance and thus to new perspectives.

Marcel speaks perfectly Dutch and English, understands a lot of German and speaks more of it than he admits. ☺️
Whether you want to try out the personality test (www.mindconnexion.nl/en), want to have the tool integrated into your website, like to work as a coach with the elemental system or if you need someone who is a true genius in concept development, being it related to projects or websites, or if you are looking for a great mentor, Marcel is the only one who I can recommend wholeheartedly on all levels and in more than the above mentioned skills.

You can best contact Marcel via his website www.mindconnexion.nl/en/contact.


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