The Humpback Whale

When I started to draw the Whale, I had the sketch with the already drawn eye.

Whale sketch



I loved this state of him and observed that I wasn’t very creative to continue the drawing from there.








So I started to draw a pattern around his eye, which I liked in the first moment, but I felt that I was not yet connected. Not relaxed enough to just let the process happen and was more using my mind about which pattern would fit to the whale.

Sketch Humpback WhaleFinally I gave me and the whale some time and then after a while I just started to follow the whale’s form and finally felt connected. Maori like patterns mixed with shapes of waves and fluent water emerged. But when I tried to integrate my first idea, I saw it didn’t match and that for I started the whole head section again. First I had problems of letting go of my first creation and became aware of my inner resistance that not only related to let the image’s pattern go, but as well to old patterns that didn’t fit to me and my life anymore, but which I still keep. I discovered a nice metaphor in this process of drawing the Whale.

That’s why the Whale become a symbol for Awareness, Consciousness and Wisdom for me.

I love the results, both the created outer one and the related inner one.

Humpback Whale


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  1. Phil
    March 05, 2017, 3:49 pm

    Hi, I love this drawing. Such dignity and respect is shown to the subject. I like the harmony between the design elements and the realism.

    I’m currently thinking about a design for a “family themed” tattoo involving humpback whales. Either a mother and four juveniles, or two adults and four juveniles (I haven’t decided). Is tattoo design (by commission of course) something you do or have considered?

    • maarta
      March 05, 2017, 10:02 pm

      Hi, thanks a lot for your lovely feedback on my humpback whale.
      Generally I also considered to do tattoo design, I am only actually working on a book that will be published this month and another project that will take me some more months to finish it. So, in the moment and the coming months I won’t have time for another project and the one that you envision is something that takes its time for sure.
      I am very sorry!

      • Phil
        March 06, 2017, 3:13 am

        Of course. I appreciate you taking time to reply. 🙂

        Your artwork may very well prove influential to me and my creative imaginings.

        PS. I loved the story the accompanies the piece.

        • maarta
          March 06, 2017, 7:45 am

          How wonderful that you liked the story that accompanies the whale.
          The little story describes very well how I go through life. 🙂

          I am really curious about how you envision the tattoo and why you chose a humpback whale and why 4 juveniles?
          What is your association for it? What is your intent you want to be expressed?

          If you feel you like to reply, maybe it would be a better way to send me a direkt email to info@maarta.com

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