Good Day Art Lover! I welcome you to follow me through the clouds. Please scroll down to dive into my art projects, which are best to be viewed on large screens, like on tablets or desktop computers in landscape orientation. Enjoy and thanks for watching!


is a form of creation. Only the intent makes the difference between a daydream and a manifestation. 


is related to the color blue. Look up at the sky and absorb what is needed to become a visionary.


is what shapes our reality. Limiting beliefs keep us in a viscious circle, where we seem to be the victims of a predestined fate or a judging & punishing source.



Power Animals

One day I dreamed my name was MAARTA. Back then drawing was more for meditative relaxation than for creation. Later I understood that the meaning for MAARTA was Meditation And ART Association. The drawings I created at that time were mainly Power Animals drawn with ink and pen on paper. In this gallery you can watch my favorites from this series.


After I had finished the Power Animals project, I created a book about Mandalas. It is a coloring book for adults for relaxation. It is written in 3 languages (english, german, italian). You can copy the pages or color the pages in the book as you like. You can keep your paintings in the book or pin them, framed or unframed on the wall. Every Mandala is accompanied with a number and its interpretation, which can be used for inspiration and meditation. Be creative and trust your intuition! :-) The book can be bought in paper form via Amazon or you can download it via my sales page. You can take a look at the book as well as at some of my Mandala favorites by clicking on the button.


After I started my Mandala project I felt a strong enthusiasm about drawing mandalas on stone. This is what came out. I still take orders, if you like one for yourself.


this project was created for children. It contains watercolor images of baby animals. Every image is accompanied with a little fairytale to give it more personality and to inspire children to keep on telling the story. Either on their own or with their parents and peers.

Oracle Cards

Beside my art I am also a psychic card reader and an author. My actual project is the creation of my own oracle cards, accompanied with a little booklet. I also wrote and designed a Mandala cards book in the past, in which my spiritual background as well as my artistic skill were combined.
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