The little bunny girl Bella loves to make herself pretty. She especially likes to adorn herself with flowers that she finds in the meadows. One day though when she was walking through the fresh green grass collecting gorgeous blossoms, she suddenly heard a sound she has never heard before. She looked around, but couldn't see anything that could have been responsible for this sound. So she went on looking for flowers, but when she was just about to pick a plume this strange sound appeared again. This time right away in front of her. She looked closer and closer and suddenly she realized a very tiny fairy, sitting on one of the blossom leaves. "Please don't pick our homes!" said the little fairy "What?" asked Bella. "We live in these blossoms during summer, so please disturb our homes!" Bella was shocked about what she was doing and at the same time she was sad, because she loved to pick the flowers to create lovely wreaths and other accessories. The little fairy understood Bella's enthusiasm about flowers and so she said: "Come with me! I show you a place, where you can pick flowers without doing anybody any harm!" The fairy jumped up and started to fly ahead of Bella to show her the way. They landed at a secret meadow that was hidden behind a sunbeam. Bella had never seen such huge and gorgeous flowers before and before she was picking one, she promised the fairy not to tell anybody about this place. Since then Bella became famous for her extraordinary flowers, nobody knew existed. Sometimes when she visits this hidden meadow, she meets the little fairy for a cup of tea and plays hide and seek with her. How is the story going on? Let me know yours! :-)


Once upon a time a little star fell from the sky and landed inside a moon lake. Since he had never learn how to swim, he was frightened not to be able to get back out of the lake. While the little star tried everything to liberate himself, the little duck chicklet Ella saw him struggling inside the lake. A star inside the lake? What a disaster. As fast her little feet took her, she ran to the lake, jumped inside and carried the starlet to the shore. The little star, whose name was Nepomuk, was so grateful for Ella's help that after both of them had calmed down from the excitement, he created her a beautiful wreath of flowers before he jumped up back to his home in the night sky. From there he sends her blinking greetings every night ever since. How is the story going on? Let me know yours!


The little baby owl Rosalie visits her best friend Bella today. She applied a little pink powder and put a pink flower in the feathers on her head. Did you expext pink is her favorite color? What do you think will happen when these two girls will meet? Let me know how your story will go on?


This ladybug is a fortunate pal. When he was born he was flooded with fortune bringing stardust. Now, when you look at it and make a wish, your wish will come true. Go ahead..........make your wish!


What the crap! No story here yet. Can you help me out with yours?


No story here yet. Can you help me out with yours?

Putiputi (Maori - flower)

No story here yet. Can you help me out with yours?


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